Who Are We

Shiraz Market, is truly an International Supermarket! We offer a variety of products from all around the world including the Middle East, Persian, Turkish, Indian, Egyptian, Asian, Mediterranean and also American brands. You can trust Shiraz Market to carry your favorite International foods. We also carry vegetarian items along with delicious market-fresh produce that arrives daily.

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The Shiraz Market difference begins with our in store fresh baked bread.  This special bread can’t be found in every other supermarket. We also serve all kinds of kabobs, stews and sandwiches. We cater to all cultures, so everyone feels welcome here at Shiraz Market. You’ll find lots of locals eating in our dining area rather than taking their food home. So feel free to come in to eat, sit, talk and watch TV, then shop around for the extraordinary which can be found in every aisle of the store.

 At Shiraz Market we treat our customers like family. We are committed to providing our valued patrons with top quality and service at affordable prices.

We value your comments and ideas!

Middle Eastern sandwich

Middle Eastern sandwich
It’s topped with rich tzatziki, refreshing mint, sweet roasted tomatoes, and spicy red onions. Deliciousness in every single bite.

Our Fresh Fruits

When it comes to fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, we are the preferred choice. At Fruits & Veggies, we carefully source our wide range of farm-fresh produce from different farm.

We’re here!

Feel free to come in and sit, eat, talk and watch TV.

Our special items

Our grocery & Fruits items

We offer a wide variety of grocery items from all around the world including the Middle East,

Mediterranean and many more.

Our Dry Fruits

Delicious Nuts & Dry Fruits

Our Different Kinds of Products

We’ve got the brands you’re sure to know, others you’re sure to discover,
We also have a large selection of different types of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.




Background of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, a seed of the Cicer arietinum plant which is high in protein and was one of the first vegetables to be cultivated

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