Welcome to Shiraz Market

Shiraz Market, is Truly an International Supermarket

Our Delicious offers

Our restaurant offers Middle Eastern foods and sandwiches that are not served by other restaurants. We also offer freshly baked bread daily and delightful sweets.

Our Departments


We offer a wide variety of grocery items from all around the world including the Middle East, Mediterranean, Asia and many more.  We also have a large selection of different types of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Every aisle is packed with grocery items grouped by category, not culture. Dried herbs, packaged products and canned goods from all different countries and for all types of cuisine. We’ve got the brands you’re sure to know, others you’re sure to discover.


If you’ve been wondering where all the good bakeries have gone, they’ve come to Shiraz Market. Our bakers specialize in creating the most delicate and flaky pastries, cakes, cookies and pies in town. Fresh rolet, delicate baklava or melt-in-your-mouth Persian cookies.  All beautifully prepared for you to take home as an after dinner delight or breakfast treat. Come in and experience the quality of our delicious and unusual hard-to-find delicacies.


When you enter our produce department, you’ll soon see aisles of fruits and vegetables.  Many of which you’ll be familiar with and many you won’t.  If you have any questions simply ask. We bring you the very freshest of seasonal produce grown on local farms to specialties from the farthest reaches of the globe.


This is the place that most of us dream of, fresh hot breads. We also have an entire aisle dedicated to pre-packaged bread and bakery products, both foreign and domestic. Most of these sweet and savory baked goods are made right here. We must warn you though, purchase a 4-ft loaf of our seeded Sangak bread, and we’ll bet you don’t get it home without tearing off a piece or two.


Our Fresh meat department offers halal Beef, Lamb and chicken. We take pride in offering the best quality and selection. Our customers can trust that Shiraz Market has the highest quality and freshest meats available.


Whole Chicken without Neck and Giblets

Our International Variety Products

We also serve all kinds of dry fruits, Kabobs and Middle Eastern sandwiches.

Our Special Date Fruit

Dates are high in potassium, which is an electrolyte the body needs for good heart health.

At Shiraz Market we treat our customers like family.
We are committed to providing our valued patrons with top quality and service at affordable prices. We value your comments and ideas!

We cater to all cultures, so everyone feels welcome here at Shiraz Market.